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In 1870 the Condurro family gave rise to a long tradition of masters pizza makers in the heart of downtown Naples. Michele Condurro, Salvatore's son, perfected the art family learning the secrets of the famous Torre Annunziata masters, experts in the working of the dough and pizza baking. Michele opened his first pizzeria in 1906, where stands the new building of the hospital Ascalesi, whose construction forced to change venue. In 1930 in fact, the pizzeria was moved to its current premises in Via Cesare Sersale, defined by many experts and journalists "The Sacred Temple of the Pizza".

Since then, five generations of master pizza makers continue operation of the founder in respect of tradition and being faithful to the instructions of Michele, who wanted the Neapolitan pizza only in the varieties "Marinara" and "Margherita" with no added "anything else", which alter the taste and authenticity. The secret of this timeless success, is the use of natural ingredients and the use of the old and proven method of leavening of the dough.

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"Antica Pizzeria Da Michele. Rome, London, the deal Milan, future projects."

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